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Daring to Pivot Towards Personal Service

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

In the middle of the pandemic, my partners and I launched a wine concierge business (2Birds Wine Tasting) and discovered that service –old fashion service, as opposed to purchasing via apps– can make a world of difference. I had an epiphany just as restrictions were lifting when I ventured into a clothing shop. A kind saleswoman, who probably had not seen a warm body all day, cast her eyes on me as I exited the dressing room sporting an outfit I was trying on. Tired and without a filter she said the color did me no favors. I was so thankful for the help and the honesty that I almost hugged her mask and all. We continued to work together as a team discussing tightening straps and letting out seams, making not-so-perfect dresses perfect. I left with a huge bag and have returned.

We have spent two years covering our faces, anonymous to the world. Sometimes it felt like Siri was the only one recognizing us. Most of our purchases were made via apps or websites; a click here, a check there. When we ventured out into the real world our experiences tended to be impersonal or generic. This was on our way to the so-called “new normal” as the pandemic launched us at warp speed into our digital future. Amazing gains were made resulting in many positive changes, including less time commuting and more time with our families. However, customer service wasn't one of them. We yearned for human interaction and still do. It is uncomfortable perpetually being relegated to algorithms predicting our likes and enslaving us to AI recommendations. Many of us crave a knowledgeable person who takes the time to get to know us and appreciates product nuances and clients’ desires (in our case luxury wine). Is it too much to demand an expert that can tailor and deliver products and services, or tell us what's wrong?

The best customer service is based on client collaborations, deftly adapting to customers' ever-changing needs, especially in service industries. Those with jobs caring for others need to be taken care of with the same level of attention. Their success is our success. Apps and websites aren't full interactive partners: they are just a click and a transaction. I can tell by the tone of my client's voice or text their sense of urgency or frustration. Tuning into that human nuance I can anticipate their needs, and act on what needs to be done. In the context of procuring wine, that might mean having a short list of Champagnes and Cava´s ready or referring to notes on what we ordered last year to gently nudge a chef or stew that their client loved a particular Albarino. We are here to provide our customers, the service professionals, with the tools to make them shine. We always make sure they are educated about the wine, and for details, they can always call our sommelier. She is literally in their pocket, a call or a text away, a friendly and familiar voice at the other end of the line, not a bot.

This focus on personal service is why 2Birds Wine Tasting launched its Wine Concierge Service. Based in Mallorca, we work with Luxury Villas and Yachts to acquire the perfect wines for clients. Our attention to the client's palate and preferences enables us to make customized recommendations in addition to sourcing specific wines at a competitive price. Rather than being limited to choosing bottles from stock/standard lists, the 2Birds team of wine experts goes above and beyond, searching the island and the world for wine. We are available to chat with crew and staff regarding pairing, serving, and any wine questions and challenges.

We would love to share our skills and passion for wine to provide the best wine experience for you and your


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