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2Birds believes that how you buy your wines should reflect the wine's gently guided 
journey from the vineyard to the bottle. We’ve gone beyond the limitations of the ordinary wine list by creating instead the first wine concierge service for Villas.
We custom select wines that perfectly complement you or your  guest’s time on Mallorca in their extraordinary accommodations. Our attention to your client's tastes enables them to select from curated wine options, prepared especially for them at a competitive price, rather than being limited to choosing bottles from stock/standard lists. 
Our sommelier creates a wine list tailored to our clients preferences, meals, and activities. We go above and beyond to source the wines that best suit your client’s tastes. We pay attention to the details in order to offer the best vineyards, vintages, and varietals that are available. 
Furthermore, our experts are available to chat with you or your staff regarding pairing, serving, and any wine questions or challenges that might arise. 
Our concierge service also comes with a descriptive bespoke wine list that helps elevate the level of service by providing expertise to share when the wine is being poured, it's like having a sommelier with you. (see example here button-pop up cellar list)
Properly paired wine will enhance every journey, and our goal is to help crews augment their services and complement each guest’s holiday with the perfect selection.

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