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Image by Matt Howard
Eve Weiler Kanne

Cofounder, CMO and COO (Chief Olfactory Officer)

" I love that wine is a living changing thing, you can see, smell and taste its past, present and future in one moment. It’s magic, weaving time into tastes and it just makes life a bit better. "


Eve Weiler Kanne lived and worked in the Napa Valley (California) for 10 years. She owned and

operated Palmleo, a premium wine company that provided custom barrels to clients who wanted

their own winery label without the hassle of owning their own vineyard. She has worked with

and learned from some of the top vintners and winemakers in the Valley, operating out of St.

Helena just down the lane from storied wineries such as Robert Mondavi and Flora Springs,

and amidst appellations including Rutherford, Stags Leap, and Yountville. Her true love is for

barrel tasting, smelling and tasting a wine before it has reached perfection, in order to surmise

what the final product will taste like. This is an experience where you really can feel the

winemaker’s intentions in reaching their perfect wine. Many years of participating in Premier

Napa Valley and the Napa Valley Wine Auction Barrel tasting have honed her nose and palate.

In fact, her nose had such a reputation that she was often invited by prestigious wineries across

the Valley to evaluate their latest vintage. When not obsessing over where tastes and smells come from Eve can be found on her paddleboard in the sea or on the beach with her dog, sniffing the salt air. Eve’s focus is on sharing the daily joys of wine from her years of experience in the vineyards,

cellars, and tasting rooms that inspired her incredible love and passion for wine.

Kristy Brooks, Sommolier, Tasting Curator, Cellar Manager

“At one point I realised that the study of wine is actually full-bodied blend of history, geology, geography, anthropology, economics, chemistry, psychology, gastronomy, agriculture, climatology, art and more. It should be sipped slowly, daily, and is inevitably a lifetime of learning.”


Kristy grew up in Northern California where her passion for wine began, while working at a fine dining restaurant with a world class wine collection.  When she moved to Mallorca in 2011 she made it her mission to discover the best wines of Mallorca and Spain leading her to earn her Sommelier certification (in Spanish nonetheless). She is cohost of a successful podcast on wine and literature, where she interviews some of Spain's best known vintners and wine industry professionals. She is a highly creative entrepreneur whose hobbies include acting, painting, songwriting, and long beach walks with Leonard Cohen, her rescue dog. As a tasting guide, Kristy believes that wine should be fun, intriguing, and appealing to every palate- that there is something for everyone -from the occasional sipper to the die-hardest of wine geeks. She studied viticulture and earned her Sommelier certification from The University of the Balearic Islands. 

Kristy Brooks: Sommolier
Sarah Ayres: Chef

Sarah Ayres

Executive Chef, Tastemaker

Food, I live it, I dream about it, I love it! The  most exciting, exhilarating moments for me are when I can pair a beautiful wine to compliment the food that I have created. Then deciding which is the soloist and which is the accompanist.

Before putting down roots in Mallorca, Sarah Ayers spent 15 years owning and managing a 5-star luxury hotel in the Lakes district of The United Kingdom. Sarah’s passion for the culinary side of the business contributed to the establishment earning an extra star. She has cooked for highly distinguished individuals such as dignitaries and celebrities, even including a prime minister. Her favourite thing is to get lost in a mesmerising food market, providing her with an encyclopaedic knowledge of food and ingredients from around the world and giving her a true advantage when pairing food and wine. She is a believer in looking beyond the obvious. The first drop of wine that hits her pallet sets off a sensory lazy-susan of mental flavour and food pairing. Her store cupboard is an Aladdin´s cave and if you are lucky enough, she may just reach far in the back of her cupboard to grab something that will perfectly enhance what is in the already hypnotic glass of wine. We don’t know what Sarah is doing when she isn’t thinking about food because she is always thinking about food. Our Sarah is a multitasker and she can renovate a room or walk Dotty the Jack Russel as she contemplates how many ways you can prepare duck.

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